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Christa Gallucci


Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between fine art and multimedia using recycled goods and just good plain therapy. With influences as far back as The Old Masters and good old American arts and crafts, I drift effortlessly into a realm of peace and tranquility, like I have always escaped since I was a child.

I was blessed with great creativity and have explored many, many crafts over the years. I never developed the ability to draw and create the wonderous works of the artists I loved although, I was a champion at stick figures. I eventually became quite proficient at photography, card making, leather craft, flower arranging, macramé` and the endless art projects with my kids. I always had a longing deep inside for more.

Later in life, my precious husband whom I lost to cancer, gifted me the funds for an education in any field I desired. His instructions were to use it to educate myself in the field of my choice, my deepest desire and what would make me most at peace and happy. I had already been to college; I was in my 40’s and completely crushed. What more could I possibly learn about in life? What on earth could I possibly learn that would help me find a happy soul and a reason to live on?

After a few dark, dark months I decided to just go to school. I needed something to do as I was unable to function after the devastating loss. Study of anything of value seemed too much effort, but art... art I have always wanted to learn to draw. And so, began my journey.

As it turns out, art, I learned, is full of history and of great value, art is not frivolous, and art is great therapy. Again, I found, I could escape into a void where only I existed. At first, it was a very sad place, but over time it became peaceful and a wonderous place to explore new ideas without feeling shy or embarrassed about how poor my skills appeared. I eventually found the artist who has been in hiding my entire life!

Alas, I am here now. Sharing myself through art, recycling old jewelry, buttons and glass doing my small part for the environment and making others happy; but most of all myself. As I cannot bring happiness to others if I myself am not happy.

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